I come from a dance and theater background, both on and off the stage.  From my training and performing in classical ballet, bellydance, and Afro-Latin dance I have learned form, line, discipline, and presence.  From my work as a union stagehand working on Broadway and at the opera I have learned about manipulating light, angles, composition, and how to tell a story.  These elements are important in my work as a photographer today, as well as the essentials of love and quality. 

   I am drawn to photographing with natural light because it is the most beautiful, and it requires presence and patience and magic to work with it.

   I want to see the light play on your skin.  I want to help you tell your story.

Kristina Clark


Select Clients Include  /  Clientes Seleccionados Include:
Aaron Halva, musician and composer
Abakuá Afro-Latin Dance Company
Aisha Koswara, hair and makeup artist, actress and dancer
Alan Silverman, mastering artist
Carl Schurz Park Conservancy
Danielle Storm, yoga instructor
Elisa Clark, dancer, coach, and educator
Frankie Martinez, choreographer, dancer, and teacher
La Sonora Nuyorkina, Latin band
Lia Robertson, dancer and coach
Ricardo Torres, dance instructor
Sonido Costeño, Latin music